Woodworking Machinery Specialist

Radio-Frequency Dielectric Heating Woodworking Machinery Manufacturer

JIYUAN is a Chinese manufacturer of industrial woodworking machinery. For over 20 years, we have offered a complete line of machinery based on radio frequency heating technology, including vacuum kiln, RF edge gluers, frame assembly machines, solid wood bending machines, veneer press, RF wood welders, and high frequency generators. Our radio frequency machines are ideal suited for making furniture, wood flooring, woodware, wood based paneling, and musical instrument manufacturing. However, as our company has grown, so has our production lines, expanding into different industries including tobacco, grain storage, and environmental protection. Backed by our two decades of experience, our radio frequency press and other types of woodworking equipment has been exported to companies world-wide, and has received nothing but praise from our clients. Our dedicated after-sales team has added to our reputation, and is always ready on standby to give our customers the best installation services and technical support.

  • Exhibition Information
    1. CIFF Shanghai
      Date: 2016.09.07-09-10
      Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)
      Booth No.: 8.1 E49

    1. Vacuum Kiln RFV Kiln for Wood and Timber Drying

      Drying speed that is up to 10 times faster than conventional lumber kilns.
      Superior quality: effective temperature control and hydraulic shaping prevents cracking and deformation. Suitable for short drying times, while still being flexible.

    1. Radio Frequency Press / RF Edge Gluer

      High radio frequency heats the glue at a molecular level, selectively heating the wetter areas within the machine itself, allowing the glue to cure rapidly. After heating, only the glue line is hot, rather than the entire panel, ensuring a higher efficiency and energy conservation.

    1. Radio Frequency Press Curved Plywood Press

      It is an excellent solution for processing manufacturing curved wood for office furniture, children’s furniture, chairs, tea tables, sofa armrests, bed slats, paneled furniture, bed headboards, cabinet door faces and musical instruments such as guitars.

    1. Radio Frequency Press / Slant Gluer for Door Frame Assembly

      The frame press applies high power radio frequency generator which can ensures fast heating, thus improving production efficiency. Whole working table heating only needs 2-3 minutes. For those woods with less glue, the heating time is about 1 minute.

    1. Radio Frequency Press / High Precision Frame Assembly Machine

      It is an ideal radio frequency press for producing picture frames, cabinet doors, wooden doors, drawers, windows, other jointed wood frames with 45°, 90° or 135° angles, and MDF board frames. Whether wooden wedges ...

    1. Conveyor Dryer

      It is mainly applied to the drying of materials. It is also great for killing worms and bacteria in textiles, fruit, vegetables, tea and grains. The belt conveyor drying machine can also achieve automatic control in the production line work. It can also save up to 50% more energy than general dryers.